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Drinking and Driving

Off-Duty Cop Hits 6 Cars – Suspected of DUI

An off-duty police officer from Bakersfield. California was arrested late Monday night for suspicion of driving under the influence. Reports indicate that the off-duty officer rear-ended one vehicle, struck four more parked vehicles and finally rolled on top of  a sixth vehicle before coming to a stop. The officer, Justin West, 21, was not wearing…

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Tipsy Tow – Tulsa DUI Attorney Advice: Avoid a DUI

With the holidays upon us once again it is time for celebration. For many, with celebration comes drinking. And, unfortunately, sometimes the drinking leads to driving. No matter how you celebrate this holiday season, you should never drink and drive. However, if you do get arrested for DUI in Tulsa, Oklahoma, call the Tulsa DUI…

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