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DPS Administrative Hearing / Modified License Request Form


Click Here to Download: DPS Administrative Hearing / Modified License Request Form


Want to save your driver’s license? You need to act fast. You only have 15 days from the day you were arrested to get this form to DPS. Before you fill out and send in the form (which the link to is at the bottom of this email), please read everything here, so you make the best decision for yourself.

You have to mail or hand deliver this form to DPS within 15 days of your arrest. This means DPS has to receive this form before the end of the 15 days. Otherwise, your license will be revoked.

You have two choices:

  1. Apply for a Modified License (this means you will have a breathalyzer in your car); or

  2. Administrative Hearing (your “day in court” with a DPS Hearing Officer to see if they have the right to revoke your license).

Here’s the catch. Several things can affect your revocation/modification:

1. What was your blood alcohol level?

If your blood alcohol level was less than 0.14%, your likely looking at having a breathalyzer in your car for six months.

If your blood alcohol level was more than 0.15% or you refused to take the State’s Test, you will likely have the breathalyzer in your car for a total of two years. This is broken into two time periods. The first six month “revocation/modification” period and then an eighteen month period where you have to have the breathalyzer still installed after your license is reinstated.

2. Is this your first DUI arrest?

If this is your second, third, or fourth DUI in the last ten years, then the time limits above don’t apply. Rather, you end up with the following:

  • 2nd DUI in 10 Years: 5 years total of breathalyzer.
  • 3rd DUI in 10 Years: 8 years total of breathalyzer.
3. Is your license from out of state?

43 states are part of the interstate driver’s license compact. That means you could have license consequences in Oklahoma and your home state.

4. Do you have a commercial driver’s license?

You are likely looking at a mandatory one year suspension of your CDL.

It can be complicated…

As you can see – the license issue is complex. And completely separate from your court case.

We handle both the license issues and the court case for our clients.

Give us a call. We’d be happy to help you with your driver’s license and court case.

We specialize in DUI and so we know every strategy to get you the best outcome possible.