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Will I Go Back to Jail After a DUI Arrest?

How to Avoid Jail After a DUI Arrest

After being arrested for DUI one of your biggest concerns is going to be whether or not you’re going to have to go back to jail. Everyone knows that spending just one night in jail is enough to make you never want to go back. So, you’re probably wondering how likely it is that you’ll have to go back to jail because of your DUI arrests in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Over 99% of Our Clients NEVER Go Back to Jail


First, more than 99% of our clients never see a jail cell again after being arrested for DUI. Now, this doesn’t mean we can guarantee that you won’t go back to jail (no lawyers can give you any guarantees about the outcome of the case), but we do have a high success rate in keeping our clients free in their DUI cases. This is why it’s important to have an experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorney help you through this difficult process.


How We Do It


If you call around town and talk to a lot a different lawyers, you will get a lot of different answers in regards to how they’re going to handle your case. Some lawyers will just make things up out of thin air because they don’t know what to do. Other attorneys will lead you to believe that they “play golf with the judge” and this will help you out somehow. Both of these types of lawyers should be “taken with a grain of salt” as they say.


We help you stay out of jail in a number of ways. First, we analyze and prepare your case as if it were going to trial. We live by the mantra leave no stone unturned. Knowing the ins and outs of your case is essential to adequately representing you and making sure you don’t go back to jail. Next, we make sure that all of our clients are prepared when they go to court. This means that you will receive copies of all of the police reports, the video, and any other evidence that we come in possession of in the investigation of your case. This also means we will have already had you conduct and complete “assignments” from us that will help us mitigate your case to the prosecutor and the judge. In short, this means we will have ample proof that you're a good person who had one bad night and will never do it again.


Why We’re Different


Many attorneys will meet with you and take a retainer and then not speak to you until they see you in court. We don’t do that. Rather, once we agree to represent you in your case, we will give you a list of tasks and assignments to complete in preparation for going to court on your case. We will send you copies of the police reports, the video, and any other evidence we come by so that you can review of before we go to court and ask questions of us. We will also inform you of our analysis of the evidence and let you know what we think should be done in your case. This is how we work with you as a team to make sure that you get the best possible outcome in your DUI case.


You need a DUI attorney who you can trust. A lot of lawyers will act like a DUI is no big deal. But they’re wrong. A DUI can cost you your job, your freedom, and a lot of money. If you’re ready to get your life back on track and get this behind you, give us a call and we can help.

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Tulsa DUI Attorney Robert Denton

You probably have questions about your recent DUI arrest. We understand. Tulsa DUI Lawyer Robert Denton knows exactly what you should do and how you should do it to get your life back under control. As a former prosecutor, he knows the ins and outs of DUI cases. If you want to get your life back, give Robert Denton a call and hire the Tulsa DUI Attorney who can help you put your life back together. 

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