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Tulsa DUI Attorney – How Alcohol Affects Women Different Than Men

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When women are arrested for a Tulsa DUI, and asked to take a breathalyzer, it is important to note that Breathalyzer tests are calibrated for a typical male driver.  Several scientific studies have been done proving that women and men’s bodies absorb and break down alcohol differently.  Because of this unfair and disparate treatment of women, you need the assistance of an experienced Tulsa DUI lawyer on your side.


An enzyme called gastric alcohol dehydrogenase in the stomach lining only breaks down alcohol half as quickly in women as it does in men.  They found that a woman with the same weight ratio would reach DUI status drinking 20-30% less than men.


A different study looked at the way women’s blood alcohol ratios compare to the ratio typically used for breath tests.  A breathalyzer uses a partition ratio of alcohol levels in the breath and multiplies it to show what a standardized blood alcohol content is.  The problem is that breathalyzers are designed for a typical man.  But this study found that women have a different ratio, leading to higher readings. The police and District Attorney won’t tell you this. However, with the help of a qualified Tulsa DUI lawyer, you can trust that you are taken care of.


If you’ve been arrested for a Tulsa DUI, you need an attorney who knows the science behind DUIs.  Robert Denton has participated in scientific experiments with law enforcement and crime labs in the past. He also has extensive experience working with forensic toxicologists (the scientists who study the measurement and effects of alcohol in humans).


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University of Notre Dame - Office of Alcohol and Drug Education

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You probably have questions about your recent DUI arrest. We understand. Tulsa DUI Lawyer Robert Denton knows exactly what you should do and how you should do it to get your life back under control. As a former prosecutor, he knows the ins and outs of DUI cases. If you want to get your life back, give Robert Denton a call and hire the Tulsa DUI Attorney who can help you put your life back together. 

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