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Tulsa DUI Expungement Lawyer

Tulsa DUI Expungement Lawyer

Why a Tulsa DUI Expungement Lawyer Can Help You


If you have been convicted of a DUI, DWI, or APC, you know how the conviction can affect your life. Your future employment could be at stake. It’s important to contact a Tulsa DUI expungement lawyer so a single night’s mistake doesn’t affect the rest of your career. The Denton Law Firm is experienced in DUI defense and expungement. Contact us today at Tulsa DUI Defense to see how we can help you get your Tulsa DUI expunged. (918) 221-3991.


What is an Expungement?


An expungement closes your records to public inquiry. If you get a Tulsa DUI expungement lawyer to close your criminal record, it means future employers will not see it when they run a background check on you.  Your record can include information about your arrest, detention, bond, arraignment, pleas you entered, convictions and sentencing information.


Who Can Access DUI Records?


Prospective employers can access criminal records.  So can current employers.  This can restrict your hiring and promotion opportunities.  Colleges and military branches both do background checks and having a DUI, DWI or APC on your record could prevent you from being accepted.  Insurance companies can also access these records.  That means your rates could increase or they could drop or deny your coverage.  There are many financial reasons to consider contacting an experienced Tulsa DUI expungement lawyer.  If your records are closed to public access, these parties could no longer see your DUI history.


Am I Eligible for a DUI Expungement?


A DUI does not automatically disappear from your record.  It is something you must actively pursue with a Tulsa DUI expungement lawyer.  Typically, a DUI expungement can be processed after all the terms of probation and all court requirements are met.  But the key is requesting the expungement via court petition.  Whether or not you qualify for an expungement is a question best addressed by a qualified Tulsa DUI expungement lawyer. We can help. Call Tulsa DUI Defense today for your free consultation.


Tulsa DUI Defense is ready and able to help you secure your DUI expungement. But we can only help you, if you contact us. So call or email today so that we can get started on cleaning up your record. (918) 221-3991.


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Tulsa DUI Attorney Robert Denton

You probably have questions about your recent DUI arrest. We understand. Tulsa DUI Lawyer Robert Denton knows exactly what you should do and how you should do it to get your life back under control. As a former prosecutor, he knows the ins and outs of DUI cases. If you want to get your life back, give Robert Denton a call and hire the Tulsa DUI Attorney who can help you put your life back together. 

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