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What is a Tulsa DUI and Why a Tulsa DUI Attorney Can Help

Tulsa DUI Attorney

DUI stands for driving under the influence. If you are arrested for a DUI in Tulsa, you need a Tulsa DUI Attorney who is experienced to defend you.

In Oklahoma you can be convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or driving under the influence of drugs. Driving under the influence of alcohol can be proven by showing that alcohol has affected you so much that you are no longer able to drive as a reasonably prudent sober person. DUI alcohol can also be proven by showing that the results of a state approved chemical test was 0.08% BAC within two hours of your driving. While it may sound like DUI laws are pretty cut and dry, they are far from it.


Legal Standard for DUI Conviction


For instance, what is a reasonably prudent sober person? Well, that depends on who you ask. Many people would say that there are plenty of sober people who driver terribly at all times. Is this the person who a defendant should be judge by? What about the hyper-cautious person who drives incredibly slow all the time? It hardly seems fair to compare anyone to them.  This is an example of just one of the many issues a capable Tulsa DUI lawyer will identify and examine in the preparation and defense of your case.


What is at Stake?


Being arrested for a DUI is a serious matter. Many things are at jeopardy and you must act quickly to protect yourself. When you are arrested for a DUI your driver's license is just days away from being suspended. A qualified Tulsa DUI lawyer like Robert Denton can prevent this suspension and help you keep driving to work, school, and even for social events.


You could also lose your job. Many employers now rerun background checks every two or three years to ensure their employees have not been in trouble since being hired. If a DUI is not handled in the proper manner by a competent DUI attorney, you could find yourself with a pink-slip when your employer reruns your criminal history background check.


Up to a Year in Jail


If you think the one night you spent in jail when you were arrested was terrible, try spending 364 more nights in jail. For a first time DUI in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the judge can sentence you to up to one year in jail. Don't worry though, with a Tulsa DUI Attorney like Robert Denton, you will most likely not see any more jail time in relation to your DUI case. In fact, in many cases our clients never go back to jail and never have the DUI conviction placed on their record.


Call a Tulsa DUI Attorney


Although the DUI arrest came as a surprise you are in control of your future. Your first and most important choice is finding the best Tulsa DUI attorney to defend you. Look no further and call the Tulsa DUI Lawyer that everyone trusts, call Robert Denton today.


Contact the Tulsa DUI Attorney Today.

Tulsa DUI Attorney Robert Denton

You probably have questions about your recent DUI arrest. We understand. Tulsa DUI Lawyer Robert Denton knows exactly what you should do and how you should do it to get your life back under control. As a former prosecutor, he knows the ins and outs of DUI cases. If you want to get your life back, give Robert Denton a call and hire the Tulsa DUI Attorney who can help you put your life back together. 

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