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Tipsy Tow – Tulsa DUI Attorney Advice: Avoid a DUI

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With the holidays upon us once again it is time for celebration. For many, with celebration comes drinking. And, unfortunately, sometimes the drinking leads to driving. No matter how you celebrate this holiday season, you should never drink and drive. However, if you do get arrested for DUI in Tulsa, Oklahoma, call the Tulsa DUI Attorney you can count on. Call Robert Denton at TulsaDUIDefense.com. (918) 221-3991.

There are many alternatives to drinking and driving such as a designated driver, taxi cabs, walking, and more. However, during the holiday season there is a special option to avoid being arrested for DUI in Tulsa, OK. Each year AAA offers a program called “Tipsy Tow”. The basis of the program is that free tow truck service is offered to intoxicated drivers so that the driver and their car make it home safely. This service is running in the Tulsa area until January 2, 2014. If you or someone you know is in need to the Tipsy Tow service, have them call: 1-800-AAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357) and ask for the Tipsy Tow. The program is free. You never know you might avoid a DUI arrest or worse.

There are limits to the program. The free tow service is limited to 15 miles and the tow service will only take you and your car to your house (not another bar or party). The program is a great community service, so spread the word. In past years the program has provided over 200 free rides home to individuals who made the safe choice and didn’t drive after drinking.

No one wants to deal with a DUI, but if you do know someone who doesn’t use Tipsy Tow this holiday season and gets a DUI, make sure to tell them to call the Tulsa DUI lawyer they can count on. Have them call, Tulsa DUI Defense and ask for Robert Denton, the Tulsa DUI Attorney.

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