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If You Are Arrested, You're Going to Have Questions

We Have Answers

An Experienced Tulsa DUI Lawyer Matters for Your Case!

Q. Will I Go Back to Jail?

A. More than 99% of our clients NEVER GO BACK to Jail. 


Q. What Will Happen to My License?

A. It depends on what your breath or blood test was, if you took the test, and if you've ever had a DUI before, but we only have 15 days to save it. 


Q. Will I Have a Criminal Record?

A. In most cases we make sure that this does not end up on your record. 




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Only 15 Days to Protect You

I only have 15 days from the day you were arrested to start fighting for your license. You need a Tulsa DUI Lawyer who knows to save your license.


Protect Your Future

A DUI arrest in Oklahoma can have consequences that last years. You need to take steps to minimize those consequences now. A good DUI lawyer can make all the difference.


We Can Save Your Career

Jail time or a conviction can hurt you. You could lose your current job and not get future jobs. You need a DUI Lawyer who knows how to keep this off your record.


What About Court?

With the right lawyer court isn't as scary or intimidating as you would think. It is my job to protect you. When you go to court with me, you will be one of the few people there who aren't nervous.


The Cost of a DUI

Court costs and fines alone can be more than $2,000.00 and that doesn't include the cost of a breathalyzer. If your case isn't handled right, a DUI can cost you a lot for a long time.


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Remember, we only have 15 days to protect your license.